Tools needed


Java 8 needed at least.


Use the gradle wrapper (type gradlew.bat [on Windows] or ./gradlew [on Unix] instead of gradle).

Otherwise download and install gradle from

Using Orcas

Provide a buildscript dependency for Orcas:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'com.opitzconsulting.orcas', name: 'orcas-gradle-plugin',
                  version: '7.5.2'

Orcale jdbc driver

Add the Oracle jdbc driver:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'com.opitzconsulting.orcas', name: 'orcas-gradle-plugin',
                  version: '7.5.2'

        classpath group: '', name: 'ojdbc8', version: ''

The Orcas-Gradle-Plugin

Orcas provides a plugin for gradle which assumes a default project layout. This plugin is suitable for simple Orcas usages.

Note that you are free to use Orcas much more flexible if you set up your gradle-project yourself (see: examples/gradle_custom_build).


  • databaseDeplyoyment

  • extract

project layout

├── buidl.gradle
└── src
    └── main
      ├── scripts
      |   ├── post-compile
      |   └── pre-statics
      └── sql
          ├── replaceables
          └── statics

Configure Orcas

Orcas uses the “orcasconfiguration” object to provide access to various parameters. The most basic configuration is used to set up the database connection:

orcasconfiguration {
          jdbcurl = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE"
          username = "orcas_orderentry"
          password = "orcas_orderentry"

The complete List of available parameters can be found here: OrcasGradlePluginExtension

The orderentry example

Obtain orcas

Download and extract orcas.

Note: only gradle_simple is used here, but github does not provide a comfortable download for subfolders.

Configure Orderentry example

Edit examples/gradle_simple/build.gradle and setup your database connection.

The default database user needs to be cretaed created like this:

create user orcas_orderentry identified by orcas_orderentry;
grant connect to orcas_orderentry;
grant resource to orcas_orderentry;

Start orcas

Exceute gradlew databaseDeployment at a command line located at examples/gradle_simple.