For the description of the functionality, see: Functionality of Orcas.

Integration tests

For the description of the integration tests, see: Integration tests


todo: many things ... Changes to Orcas should be made in a separate developer branch. Each OC employee should already have the right to create a new developer branch and to push.
When a change is done, then a new feature branch should be created from the developer branch, for this is a pull request is then created in stash.

Developer FSA wants to make a change. FSA creates a branch:

The Branch is always created by master branch (if it already exists, for example because FSA has already made changes, then the brought up to date master state by merge).

Developer FSA committed and pushed after the developement is far completed, so that it can or should be taken into Orcas. For this FSA creates a new branch:

Where OCSVERW-78 may be a reference to a JIRA point, or another halfway understandable name. The branch pullrequest-fsa-OCSVERW-78 is created from the branch developer-fsa. Then FSA sets a pull request for the branch pullrequest-fsa-OCSVERW-78 within stash ( IMPORTANT: Further developement is not allowed on the branch pullrequest-fsa-OCSVERW-78, because every (pushed) change automatically lands in the pull request. FSA should keep working on the branch developer-fsa. It remains to FSA to decide whether working with the master branch state or the pullrequest-fsa-OCSVERW-78 state in the further development.

In the branch pullrequest-fsa-OCSVERW-78 if necessary corrections are made, which can then be merged in the developer-fsa branch if necessary.

Method for SQL*Plus scripts

In order to implement the variant described in Functionality of Orcas step 7a, the following procedure is provided:

  1. Create a mini example
  2. Implement a mini example
  3. Create the complete example (without a domain concept)
  4. Determine what is to be done in order to implement the complete example
    • What functionality is missing in the “core”
    • What is missing in the SQL*Plus scripts?
  5. Implement missing points
  6. Create a complete domain concept example
  7. Determine what is to be done in order to implement the complete domain concept example
    • What functionality is missing in the “core”
    • What functionality is in the domain extension still needed?
  8. Implement missing domain points
  9. Perform test with the first real project

Procedure Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering should take place over the model data.

Variance analysis

In step 10, 11 and 12 of Functionality of Orcas is shown how the comparison with the database should run. Currently, the behavior is not (all) that. In a first implementation step the variance analysis should take place without the ADJUSTMENT (step 11). The implementation should be done in steps (eg in sequences).

SQL*Plus standalone variant

A possibility is to be created to use Orcas without Ant or Java.